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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Christmas Gluttony

The 23rd: Shopped like mad. Then shopped some more, then played some video games while cooking mac & cheese which got overcooked because I am Wolverine and can't be bothered to check noodles. [Former band name] show at the Tonic. The Beauty rocked it, then Garrett and Timmy got ready and stuff and then Timmy walked off after about 1 song, so Garrett kept playing. Then Lowenbad played rock music with samples. We finally took the stage at 12:30. Got home at 2:15, then got Taco Bell, then watched Zoolander with T, Mo, Jake G. and Ben. Got to sleep at 4am. Yipes.

Christmas Eve: More shopping, then wrapped gifts for the entirety of "It's a Wunnerful Life". Then a pleasant little service at church, then on to granny's, then Empire Strikes Back pinball while wearing a Boba Fett mask at the open house of Bill & Dagmar. Then home: sleep disturbed, not by visions of dancing sugarplums, but the sounds of Armageddon raging on our street. Seriously, Christmas morning from about 3 until 4:30, we experienced the most horrific windstorm of the season, and I seriously thought that our windows were going to break. The house was shaking; Yoshi had to sleep in his crate, which he usually only does when he's sick, but this time I think he was just taking shelter. Total hours of sleep in 2 nights: not enough.

Christmas Day: 4 gift exchanges, 3 stockings, 2 dinners, 2 breakfastes, 1 nap. Fun times with my loved ones, but still a long day.

Yesterday: We finally got a good night of sleep and woke up at about 10ish and in our post-Christmas stupor, Mo & I spent the entire day in the house, whittling down the piles of chocolate, cookies, and candies we got during the previous days. We began the day by tidying up a little bit, then having leftover Chinese food with coffee while watching the end of Bad(der) Santa, which we had seen the first 1/2 of on Christmas night. Then we watched 40 Year Old Virgin, another comedy that was released as an unrated movie for it's dvd release. Then I finally got to play King Kong on the Xbox which looks amazing and is in widescreen. Then T went and got Papa Murphy's, and her and Mo and I ate that and watched "After the Thin Man" and I drank about 2/3 of a bottle of some festive wine, which really didn't affect me since I'd had so much to eat in the day. When it was over I was ready for bed, it felt like about 11:30, but found it was only 8pm. So we watched Arrested Development which is unceasingly funny and then we watched about 1/2 of "Another Thin Man". Then we went to bed.


boy eats drum machine said...

hah. I'm exhaustic reading about all the things you watched. kong in widescreen? hmmm. tempting... that movie was cool btw. mostly. catch you later.:)

Hurricane said...

I was finally rested up from all of our Christmas trekking and now after reading your post, I am tired again. I can't eat or drink anymore. And all I want to do is sleep. Isn't there a nme for this debilitating disease?

kazuhank said...

i can relate: lots of relatives+lots of food+lots of driving does not = lots of sleep. i took the 2 days after Xmas off and feel like i'm only now recovering.

BethInPortland said...