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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Fending for Myself

To celebrate my 28th birthday, my wife drove up to Seattle for 24 hours. Actually, she went up there for a work thing; maybe she'll blog about it herself. So, what do I do when my wife is out of town? I fend for myself, very very poorly.

Before she left:

Ten Minutes later:

For dinner last night I had a cheese quesadilla and some mint chocolate chip ice cream, then I tried to eat some of the awesome red chili peppers that Moz bought, but they were kind of waxy and started electrically shocking my teeth, and then I realized they were plugged in and were actually the new Christmas lights that she bought for the kitchen.

Then I played about 2 hours of video games with my awesome bandmates, as part of our "friendship bonds = musical bonds" theory, and eventually turns into a lot of swearing at each other and calling each other all sorts of names. It's actually a lot more fun to get run over by a purple alien driving a jeep than you might expect.

Then I stayed up late; finding and downloading some songs by my favorite women singers: Joni Mitchell & PJ Harvey. They are incredibly talented women with unique voices that I think express a lot of personal insight that resonate on a larger level because of the microcosmic truth in them. Just because I get weepy when I'm all alone at midnight, falling asleep while listening to "A Case of You" or "Both Sides Now", does that make me any less of a man?

Naturally, Lola slept on the bed next to me the whole night, and groaned loudly when my alarm finally got me out of bed after an hour of ROCK!/snooze/ROCK!/snooze, etc.

So I ran downstairs, gave the last few bits of dog food to Lola and Yoshi, and then out the door, only to find frozen raindrops on my car windows. Then I went to the coffee megalopolis and got my fix, then finally got to the office, just 1 minute late, but still before the bosses.

Can't wait til Mo gets back.


Flyingwaitress said...

Happy Birthday!

BethInPortland said...

Hmmm, maybe turning 28 doesn't prove your an adult...yet.

MJAPA said...

Happy Belated Birthday!