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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

English! Do you speak it?!

Good afternoon, internet. I'm sorry if my mild b.o. bothers you; I bought a new deodorant in the hopes that it won't stain my shirts like so many do. I'm learning a lot about words and understanding the world at school this term.

Like the word "host" can be a noun or a verb with at least 9 different meanings. And so if I were to say, "I'm going to be a host this weekend", you'd say "Oh, are you having a party and I'm not invited?" and I'd say, "No, I'm having a bunch of ticks, leeches, and tapeworms get inside me and I'll be their host. It's for complicated medical purposes". Or I could say, "There was a host of idiots filling the aisles in Costco today. Then out in the parking lot, a host of idiots in their cars, trying to figure out the directional arrows on the ground."

And this all goes back (some say) to the tower of Babel, when everybody had one common language, then God got angry that people were getting too smart, and soon "nothing would be impossible" for them. So, God basically put them in the Boggle cup, shook them up, and spilled them all over the globe, and simultaneously confused their languages.

Another funny thing: if God can create man with his spoken word, why did he have to flood the earth to destroy man? I mean, drowning has got to be a miserable way to go, especially if it's something you see coming for days and days. Slow, horrible genocide. That's what the flood was. Although "horrible genocide" is a bit redundant.

March 4th: Who builds a boat in the middle of the field? That idiot Noah does.
March 5th: Started raining today.
March 16th: Still raining. Must wear rubber boots if it keeps up.
March 27th: WTF? What's up with all this rain?
April 8th: Made more sacrifices to the sun god. He must be angry; its still raining.
April 19th: Water up to my knees.
April 30th: That goddammed Noah is so smug.
June 5th: I've been treading water for 9 hours.
June 5th (later): Adios, cruel watery world!
And so on.

Here we are in 2006, trapped in the prison of language. Every idea we have is abstract and its through our grasp of language that we try to express our vast array of emotions and convoluted thoughts. Like, I don't think in the English language. I think, and then when I'm conscious of something, my brain translates it into English so that I can speak it or write it down.

So, how do I put this... I'm hungry.


BethInPortland said...

Maybe God is just really into the environment--you know, reduce, reuse, recycle. Why destroy it just to start over? Too much packaging. Too much global warming. Rather, recycle it!

BonikaStJames said...

I've wondered about the thinking in language issue... I feel that sometimes my thoughts are limited by the words I know. If I knew more complex and specific words would I have more complex and specific thoughts and emotions? I think this is so, because after I read a particularly challenging book I am able to think so much clearer.