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Monday, January 16, 2006

Lazy Monday

Today, in an effort to update my blog while doing little or no creative thinking, I offer you my half of an email exchange I had about 2 weeks ago. Read on:

Me: Ty DuPuis, who four years ago bought the building where the Academy was and where DuPuis' Flying Pie Pizzeria has space, is part of a partnership that is gutting the old Academy theater space to transform it into the new Academy theater. The new venue will actually be three small theaters that will feature second-run movies and offer beer, pizza and other food. Here's the full story.
X: asinine response which refers to some movie
Me: ?? I have no idea. I'd give it at least 3 stars.. I'll check it out.
X: ridiculous comment about my taste in movies
Me: That's right, Much Ado has a lot of sentimental value to me. Apocalypse Now is brilliant on many levels and you should really look into it.
X: outraged response about Apocalypse Now Redux being the worst thing ever in the history of the world
Me: Dude, it's not that different and you need a bigger cause to get worked up about. Have you considered the AIDS crisis? Or the inequality between social classes at home and abroad? Or the ridiculousness of Christmas in America? Why haven't you done a Christmas blog by the way?
X: insensitive, totally un-PC comment about AIDS and Apocalypse Now Redux
Me: Ay! Dios Mio!

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