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Friday, January 13, 2006

The Return of the Education

Oh frabulous day! The winter term of school has finally begun, and is already one week closer to finished! You know, I never thought I'd say this, but I kind of missed school. A month break is almost too much.

The nice thing this time around, though, is that all 3 of my classes are arts & literature based, so not only do these classes teach me new ways to view the world around me, but they're also making me much, much smarter than almost everyone I know. So if I'm at a wine tasting someday, I can easily spout off things like, "You can deride Derrida all day long; even I think Plato plateaued after "The Republic". I'm not so crazy about Socrates, and I'm quoting myself here: corruption is one thing, but sometimes censorship is used for ironic purposes, not "purely" moralistic ones! No pun intended. Or is it?", or "The visible world! HA! Like we really need more idiot tv-watching sleep-walking sheep. We're talking about high art, people! Not drawings or mere fictions." Only hopefully I can say that more smarter, and about things that I actually know or make sense.

But seriously, I'm enjoying learning about these subjects, which is more than I could say after the first week of some of my art classes last term. I suppose it helps that my teachers aren't complete d*cks, and actually want to teach the students rather than publicly shame them because the students don't already know the subject.

Fun fact: Today is Friday the 13th! The next Friday the 13th isn't until the last week of October!

And, if I were to host a wine-tasting, these are songs that I would want the DJ to play:
Jeff Buckley - Lilac Wine
U2 - Xanax and Wine
The National - All the Wine
Neil Diamond - Red, Red Wine
Billie Holiday - You go to my head
Joni Mitchell - Carey
Maria Mckee - My lonely sad eyes
Van Morrison - My lonely sad eyes
Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazlewood - Summer Wine
Radiohead - Paranoid Android (just because I haven't heard this one in a while)

Also, the latest full length album I've really been digging lately (thanks to Willis) is "Some Cities" by Doves. It's good. Check it out.


BonikaStJames said...

Bring it!

Moz said...

So then I said to Woody Allen, "Well, Camus can do, but Sartre is smartre!"