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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Rock and Roll Tonight! And every day!

Ok, I don't want any excuses about "Oh, I'm too poor to enjoy music!" or "My dog ate dollar, but when I shook him, 4 quarters fell out!" because tonights show is free. My band(with whom I play drums & un poco de la guiatarra)is playing a free show tonight at Berbati's Pan in beautiful, sunny, downtown Portland. The other acts on the bill are: Paint & Copter, and Simpl, whom I believe features the former drummer of Pinback. Should be awesome. And it's free. So drive down from Seattle, or Vancouver, or up from Wilsonville or McMinnville, or sideways from Chicago or Gresham and get over to this show. It's worth the trip!

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BonikaStJames said...

Nice show by the way! You actually brought people into the room instead of the other way around.