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Thursday, January 05, 2006

The Zoo, the Mercury and the Bon

So, after watching King Kong twice (although once is enough) and beating the Xbox game of the movie, I realized that I haven't been to the zoo in ages. I used to love the zoo; when I was 10, my family had a year long pass, we went there at least once a month for that year. We'd go over to the elephant cages, and I was able to make a trumpety sound that would summon the great creatures to me and they would respond in kind. I felt a true bond with them, and liked their patented "Zoo Doo" so much, that I started marketing my own version of it. I wanted to google the zoo here in Portland to find out the hours and pricing, but I have no idea what it's name is. I know it's something like "Rose City Animal Cages" or "Multnomah County Sedated Wildlife" or something like that. I'd really like to go and be face to face with nature: just me, the beasts, and my slingshot.

Speaking of zoos:
Q: What do you get when you cross an elephant and a rhino?
A: You get a safari-loving 3 ton grey beast that can strangle you to death with his trunk and then skewer you through the thorax with his massive death horn.

Speaking of awesome, did you see the Portland Mercury finally gave big ups to [former band name]? Read it here.

On a festive note, Happy Birthday to Bonika St. James! You are awesome and rock-tacular!


Wren said...

Hey Sloop...I think your names for the zoo are great...although I don't know if all would agree. I think the zoo used to be called the Washington Park Zoo, but now the name is the Oregon Zoo. Here is the link:

BonikaStJames said...

You are the nicest. Thanks. What I really want for my birthday is some sloop-poop of my own. ; )

P.S. I have been to the zoo a few times in the last couple years and it is pretty fun. I love the otters. I know that animals in cages are kinda sad but so is capitalism. I guess I just like that it's something entertaining that doesn't involve sitting or eating.

kazuhank said...

the sedation is always a bummer, but i went early in the morning a few years ago and a tiger woke up in front of me, walked to the edge of the little rocky cliff and proceded to roar like mad. it was easily 3-5 minutes of straight roaring and i've never gone back for fear of nothing topping it.

BethInPortland said...

Jon and I went to the zoo on our honeymoon. It was awesome. I swear the animals felt the love because we saw a Lion roar (much like Kazuhand did) the Polar bear was frisky and playing with his ball, the sea otters were going crazy, and we saw a snow leppard chasing a bird that had flown into his cage which caused him at one point to jump right up on the metal bars in front of us. It was the best zoo trip ever!