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Friday, February 10, 2006


This just in:
I invented something. At least I'm taking credit for it. It's the use of pig butts on the internet. Most net savvy folk will recognize this :) as a smiley face, or this ;) as a wink or even :P as a tongue sticking out. I wanted something quick like that to express my feelings even better; so I did.
The pig's butt!
Here's an example of usage in conversation:
F: I just distrust artists who think the world stopped with some Old Master. Those guys are like Thomas Kincaid.
me: Kincaid is a genius! Without him we wouldn't have Family Circus!
F: Whatever he is he paints like the art world just stood still at naturalism or realism or whatever.
me: I fully agree. He is a pig's butt. Q

Or like this:

F: You're the only person I've ever know to use Q to mean a pig's butt.
me: I'm a trend setter! I invented it.
F: Yeah, you're definately a trend setter.
me: You're definitely a terrible speller. ZING!

So there you go, folks. A new entry in the world of internet short-hand.
With that, I bid you farewell.


kazuhank said...

that's full of more crap than a Q

BethInPortland said...

Or, hey, you are as cute as a Q!

Erik said...


MJAPA said...

pig butt! cute! Q

BonikaStJames said...

I love the Q but on my puter it doesn't look the same, it looks like the pig is sitting down.

Pigs are gross.