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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Beer Makes Bad Movies Better

Well, gents and droids from the Montavilla hood, prepare for awesomeness. Next Saturday, the 11th of March, is the grand re-opening of the historic Academy Theater on SE 79th and Stark. This is a 3 screen theater which will serve Flying Pie Pizza (the best pizza I've ever had) along with beer and wine. Based on the cheap admission ($3 for adults, $2 for seniors, $1 for children), I'm guessing this will be a theater which specializes in 2nd run films, along the lines of the Laurelhurst Theater or the McMenamin's Theaters. The best part is that since this is within stumbling distance of my house, I look forward to many nights filled with the drunken enjoyment of otherwise terrible movies. Read all about it on the Academy Theater official website here.


BonikaStJames said...

What the hell movie is that a picture of? It looks awesome.

Brandon said...

That's good news. Even if there are just about as many screens in Portland per capita as Los Angeles, you can never have enough movie theaters. Here's hoping the do midnight shows, which is the one thing all the other places around town don't offer. Liquor would also be nice.

Yeah, and what's with the photo of the guy with the horn on his head?

Sloop said...

Regarding the picture:
1. Do a Google search for "bad movies"
2. Click on the first result that comes up
3. Click on the name of the movie at the top of that page.
4. There you will find:

5. You can learn all about the movie from which the still in question is taken.

The title of the blog post is "Beer makes bad movies better". The pic was an example of a bad movie, "The Apple". Get it?