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Monday, March 27, 2006

I know it's gonna happen someday

Well, it seems spring break (my favorite holiday) is upon us. For quite possibly the first time ever, though, I'm confronted with a strange feeling that I can only attribute to not having classes to attend and books to read. I'm not working any more than usual, and my awesome band is in the middle of a very busy week of shows, but my lassitude doesn't seem to be alleviated by nor stem from any of that. I think I may actually be learning something about myself; without school to take up my time and occupy my mind, I get all listless. I think this might be brought on by my yesterday which was comprised mostly of sleep. I literally (and by that I mean figuratively) lived out the song "Dream All Day". It's The Posies look it up. Also, pretty soon it'll be 6 years (!) since I was hired at my current job. This job stopped being interesting or challenging about 5.9 years ago. Add that to the list of strands in Duder's head.

Anyway, my theory is that after an exhausting term/week/couple of days, it might take a day of sleep to recuperate from that, so thus far, today has been a time of waking up from my day of sleep. Luckily, I get off work in an hour, and then I can shower and go for a bike ride and practice my drums and read some good writing and then go rock somebody's face off at Acme tonight. I've already got 2/3 of my books for next term, so I'm hoping to never stop learning this week. Also good news, M and I are taking a vacation day on Thursday to go to the beach or the zoo or at least somewhere that's not our house.


BethInPortland said...

Either "lassitude" is a real word that I don't know of you made a typo...

Sloop said...

Sloop doesn't make typos. Check it out:

One entry found for lassitude.
Main Entry: las·si·tude
Pronunciation: 'la-s&-"tüd, -"tyüd
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle French, from Latin lassitudo, from lassus weary; probably akin to Old English læt late -- more at LATE
1 : a condition of weariness or debility : FATIGUE
2 : a condition of listlessness : LANGUOR
synonym see LETHARGY


BonikaStJames said...

Nice animation, my only question is what is the drummers other hand doing?

I always get listless after a time of busyness... It's like when the walk is over but your eyes still seem to be moving forward.

Have fun on your mini-vacation. You could go to the aquarium - it's like a zoo/beach combo!

Gretaseacat said...

i had my last class thursday morning and thursday night i almost felt panicked because i didn't have any homework. weird.

BethInPortland said...

Good to know about lassitude. I'll work it into a conversation this week and it will help me look smart.