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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

The thing about chats is

Since I'm lazy and don't want to work to get a new post up, I'll just post some samplings from a recent chat:

F: If I'm extra good and don't snack at all I get a teaspoon of yogurt before riding home.
me: ha.
F: You laugh, but it's true.
me: a teaspoon of yogurt? gross.
F: It fuels my ride.
me: with what? phlegm?
F: Did you know in Canada bike messengers are reimbursed for their lunch as a "fuel" expense? Just like a driver would get reimbursed for mileage.
me: cool. in the US they're reimbursed by not getting run over. zing! well, not really zing, but "ha" my jokes are funny.
F: Yes. Yes they are.
me: yes.
F: yes
me: humour.

me: "from water closets, bidets, lavatories, to faucets and other accessories..."

F: Whoa. My site's had 47 visitors already today, and it's not even noon!

me: yeah, I usually get a cut from the cd sales. like, the other night, after the show, I took home a sweet $5!

me: maybe you should take it up to that copy place by Hot Lips Pizza? they're really competent.

me: AH!!! hA! have you noticed that the singer for Band of Whores' is also the singer for My Mourning Jacket?
F: Never heard of 'em.
me: wha? I got the albums from you... remember... dropsend... it was Band of Whores and Tapes and tapes and tapes tandpespaendpanteapes
F: Oh, Band of Horses. Yeah, it's not the same singer.
me: yes it is!
F: I don't know where you get your information, but it is definitely not. BofH is from Seattle. MMJ is from like the south.
me: Where I "get" information? I make it up, like any good blogger.

And... scene.

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