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Friday, April 14, 2006

2 weeks down, 8 to go

So, I've been in spring term of school for 2 weeks, but only gone to class on 4 days. This is awesome. I only have 16 more days of class this term. I've never had a class schedule that allows me to only have classes 2 days a week. There are good things and bad things about such a schedule.

The good things: every "weekend" is a 4 day weekend, plus, if I'm driving, I can buy a T/TH parking permit instead of a MTWTHF parking permit. That is all.

The bad things: having to sit in classes for 6 hours straight tends to be rather mind-nnumbing. And butt-numbing. Also, with classes that only meet 2 days a week, the odds of having an assignment due on a given day are greatly increased, and therefore takes increased organizational skills on my part.

My plan was to ride a bike to class this term, but so far it's either been rainy or I've woken up too late to bike. Also, when I get done with my last class, I'm so dazed, exhausted, and drunk with knowledge, I don't know if I could maintain my balance on a bike. I think I might just get pitched forward, due to my enormous, information-laden head.

What I've learned this term includes, but isn't necessarily limited to: Daniel Webster supported pro-slavery laws; Mark Twain got increasingly cynical with age; I really don't like Jonathan Edwards - I can't believe people take him seriously; Busby Berkeley made some really funny, spectacular movies and The Big Lebowski pays tribute to his lavish production numbers; also, I've got a new found respect for James Cagney. The way he smashes a grapefruit into Mae Clark's face is so hateful and cruel, it cracks me up.

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