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Monday, June 12, 2006

Baby step across the U.S.

This may be my last blog for a short while as I'm leaving town on Friday, for almost 3 weeks. And where I'm going, I'm not sure if they have internet. It's a land called "Imagination" and I'm pretty sure Willy Wonka sings about it. No wait, it's not. It's called "America" and Simon & Garfunkel sing about it.

My band is going on tour; we're going to drive across the country and stop at every bar on the way, and see if they'll let us play there. Actually, Jonny has spent a splendid amount of time over the past few months planning all the tour dates.

I'm looking forward to going; I haven't been out of the west coast since I was 5. I don't know what I'm most looking forward to; it's all so appealling. Historic cities, a road trip with friends, time off work, rocking and rolling every night - all this should be good. I've got a "to do" list like a mile long, that I have to get to before Friday morning at 6:45, but I'm stuck here at work for 80 more minutes.

I hope to blog from the road, so if I do, then you'll get exclusive updates right here! Or maybe on the bands .com site, or maybe the bands blogger page. Or maybe on myspace, but probably not on myspace.

I had a dream that I was water-skiing with my band and the boat did a sharp turn and I flew forward and cracked my skull against the boat and down down down I sank like a sack of bricks and kept gasping for air but kept getting water in the ol' lungs and then I was dead so I woke up, and was all "Hey, jeez, this whole rock band tour thing isn't at all what I expected". True story. The lesson, I suppose, is that I hope I don't drown on tour. Any Freudians in the house who want to analyze my dream?


BethInPortland said...

Maybe you have latent guilt from drowning those kitties when you were a boy.

BonikaStJames said...

Wow, That is ripe with psycho-fodder but I don't want to expose the state of your psyche here online.

I hope you have a blast on tour. I hope you take advantage of every adventure that comes your way (except those involving boats). Be safe! Bring the rock.

MJAPA said...

Have an awesome time on your tour!