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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

One plus one = one?

So here's the big announcement: Mrs. Sloop is totally preggos. That's right. In a time of less than or equal to 6 months, a little Sloop Junior is going to pop from her belly, Aliens style. Seriously; the day after I found out she was "in the family way", I went and bought the special edition of Aliens, just so I could know what to expect. Apparently, babies are gross little creatures that, seconds after being born, try to kill everyone around. And frankly, with this in mind, it's amazing that so many people have kids at all. So now there's all sorts of stuff to consider. I mean, having a baby is a major life change. For example, did you know there's a store called "Babies R Us"? I mean, who knew? I sure didn't.

So that's it. I may have some more thoughts or observations about this in the next 6 months. Maybe.


BonikaStJames said...

When did the Alien get arms, legs and all buffed out? Is it weird that I kinda think that Alien is hot?

I have to say I am surprised that Marisa let you attach yourself to her face and lay eggs in her stomach but I guess to each their own. Anyway, Congrats. I'm really excited that you are going to have a little alien of your own.

BethInPortland said...

Um, so you obviously went to Christian school. Still don't understand the "birds and the bees."