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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Words to live by

Since I've spent the better part of the past 6 days in a room, at a desk, trying to write intelligently about things that I probably have no business writing about (Dog Day Afternoon, Bottle Rocket, truth vs. fiction, reality vs. imagination, etc.) I've been doing a lot of thinking about the way life is. I know that's about as broad a statement as could ever possibly be made, but tough; this is my blog. I'll blog as vague as I want. So, in an effort to maintain my status as a government-funded "edutainment" blog, I'll now impart some of the pearls of wisdom I've stumbled upon or perhaps invented in the past week:

- It's old idea, but true: Shopping has replaced Christ as the new meaning of Christmas. Think about it; people line up for hours outside of Walmart, not for a religious ritual, but to find bargains.

- Mid-80's Bob Dylan isn't very timeless. Empire Burlesque makes this point emphatically.

- Never look a gift horse in the mouth, but always, always look under the hood of a gift car. And then have it thoroughly inspected by a trusted mechanic. Not just the water pump, which might need to be replaced; look at the whole shebang. Otherwise you might find yourself in the middle of rush hour traffic, in the fast lane, and your musty-smelling MPV just craps out, and nothing works, not even the hazard lights. Trust me on this one, folks.

- No matter how many times I confirm something with a person, a third party is able to confuse things, and negate our past positive communications, rendering them null and void.

- I believe a certain class I'm taking is a huge waste of time, and apparently the tone of my essays has reflected this belief. The prof commented on the "arch condescension" of my weekly essays. Ha. What a fool, a buffoon, a simpleton! I could outsmarten him any day of the week. But seriously I had to look up "arch" and "condescension" just to figure out what exactly he was saying.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Another Silly iPod Game

This is my first post in the month of November, and it gives me a chance to show off (or cringe at) my ipod's songs. Thanks to Lindsey Woo Hoo for the game idea on myspace.
Here's the game: Soundtrack To My Life

1. Open your library (iTunes, Winamp, Media Player, iPod, etc)
2. Put it on shuffle
3. Press play
4. For every question, type the song that's playing

Opening Credits:
Meet me in the morning - Bob Dylan

Waking Up:
I live for you - George Harrison

First Day At School:
Sometimes Always - The Jesus & Mary Chain

Falling In Love:
My Funny Valentine - Frank Sinatra

Breaking Up:
Yahweh - U2

Leave Her Johnny - Lou Reed

Life's OK:
No Name #6 - Elliott Smith

Mental Breakdown:
The Book! - Danny Elfman

Love Knows (No Borders) - Howie Gelb

Wire (NME Dub) - U2

Getting Back Together:
Sprung Monkey - Stanton Moore

Birth of Child:
I'll never be anybody's hero now - Morrissey

Wedding song:
Tower of Song - Martha Wainwright

Final Battle:
Midas Gutz - Subtle

Death Scene:
In Ohio - Joseph Arthur

Pagan Poetry (live) - Bjork

End Credits:
Black Moon - Deftones

So that's it, game over man, game over!
In related news, I'm doing a top 10 albums of 06 list for the paper, which should come out the week after next, I think. There are some choices that even surprised me, but when I'm really honest with myself, they deserve to be on there. Ys, they do. And ys, that's a clue to one of my top 10. Happy sleuthing!