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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Almost Christmas

Well folks, it's almost time. Christmas in 5 days. New baby could arrive as soon as 5 weeks from now. It's all just flying by. I started tracking drums for the next Boy album last Sunday. Jonny's spending a good long time with mic positions and types, to get them to sound as kick ass on the recording as they do in person, to the human ear. It's good clean fun. We've tracked (I think) 6 songs worth of drum parts thus far. About halfway done with my work on the album. Although we are going to do some location recording at a local church, hopefully. (Jon Junior - you can expect a call or email from me, again, re: that). Things are pretty good in general, although I'm not working nearly enough; working on changing that situation though.

A final shout out to my sister in law who gave me Kahlua and Half&Half for ye old 29th birthday, and to Lavalier & Bonika who sold Mo and I their fridge over a year ago, and to my dear departed Aunt Clara, from whom I inherited multiple bottles of vodka. Through the combination of these things, I've nearly completed my total tranformation into The Dude, since I've taken up drinking a White Russian nearly every night. It's a wonderful life. Merry Christmas.

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Erik said...

still hitting those Caucasians?