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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The Final Countdown

Well, here we are. 17 days till Simon peeks his head out and tries to find his shadow. If he doesn't see it, of course it means 6 more weeks of pregnancy. We've got the Sloop house all decked out and ready for impact. Beds, cribs, cradles, carriages, and a seemingly bottomless supply of diapers. Plus lots of books, toys, and onesies, plus many, many items I didn't know I needed (much less even knew existed) until Emtotheizo got preggers. Items such as a drum that teaches Spanish. Or a wipes warmer. Or a specially designed seat for a car, that goes on top of your car's normal seat. It's a weird world.

We've had a few dreams tell us that he'll be born as a red-head on March 8th, but we've also had a few dreams tell us he'd be born a girl, so we all know how much stock to put in the power of dreams.

In other news, I recently completed a 3 day stint as a "featured extra" in my good friend Lavalier's student film, which was written by my former housemate the Flying Waitress. My role in the film: sit and talk casually. I think I did a pretty convincing job. It was filmed at Clyde's Prime Rib restaurant, here in Portland, which looks like something straight out of Goodfellas. Except for a plasma TV and some tacky art in the back room, the place looks untouched since 1965. It's great. I can't imagine what it must be like when there's actual customers there.

In even other other news, I recently got together with Kazugoogoo to play on his new Wii. It's totally rad (yes, rad) and it only took about 14 hours of pleading with Mrs. Sloop to convince her that I needed one and that I could get one and still rear a perfect child at the same time.

And finally, the band is set to basically finish recording this weekend. I'm going to be playing some drums in a room that seats about 1000, so it should have some naturally blessed reverb. Look for "Two Ghosts" in a store near you in late spring/early summer.

That's about it. The next time I post will likely be as the father of a newborn. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine I'd type the previous sentence.


Erik said...

a drum that teaches spanish? it seems there was a time in the early 1990s. when someone in a generic corporate boardroom, suggested that there is serious money in parents with newborn babies, thusly starting an explosion in infant merchandise. I guess babies are like pizza, tires, and body odor. Everyone keeps getting them, so it's a pretty stable market. but does a baby need a "wipes warmer." i don't think my parental unit had that when I was a wee lil' un. And i think I'm just fine. maybe that explains my fascination for sitting on hot toasters. early congrats on fatherhood.

van said...

I hope your dreams don't come true. Well, I hope they do come true too!