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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Six Weird Things

Ok, so it took me like a week to notice that I'd been tagged for the latest meme. This one is where you write 6 "weird" things about yourself. What qualifies as "weird" isn't stated, so if you have a beef with what I count as weird, then you can pound sand.

1. I own a Mac and an iPod but am not a Mac snob. My computer runs slower than Heather Mills going uphill, so I've got nothing to be too proud of. The iPod is nice, but they work with PCs now. I've had 2 conversations in the past 2 days with PC users who seem overly defensive of their non-Mac use, but to them I say, "More power to you" and "Fight the Power" and "Semper Fi, brother. Semper Fi".

2. Not that I'm horribly overweight, but I try a different diet every few months, just to lose those few extra pounds. Atkins worked nicely, but was pretty dependent on dead animals. And then during the holidays, blah blah blah.

3. The latest in a string of useless vehicles I've acquired currently uglifies my driveway. The problems with the vehicle are: a) it has a leak in the back hatch thingy, so it's totally mildewy and gross inside, b) the vehicle works perfectly until it randomly shuts down completely and won't restart for several minutes, regardless of the speed it's going when it decides to shut off, and c) the vehicle was a "gift", I spend some money to get it running, and although it's now "mine", I don't have the title to the vehicle and after 4 months of trying to get the title from it's owner, I'm wondering if I ever will. I'm considering my options with this one.

4. Approximately 5 years after the rest of the country already knew about him, I recently "discovered" Chuck Klosterman. He's hilarious, intelligent, self-aware, and seems to have my dream job, i.e. writing in the first person about pop culture. Here's a recent article by him in Esquire.

5. The first step to making a list of weird things is realizing that nothing is weird and nothing is normal. Things just are. If half the population of my city or country does the same thing as me, it's equally likely that half of the population doesn't do things the way I do. Accept it.

6. In the anticipation of waiting for my baby to arrive, almost everything else has become futile. Or at least less meaningful. That is, I could spend an evening watching 10 episodes of The Larry Sanders show (which was brilliant and had a perfect cast), or I could spend my evening mopping the stairs. Either way, I'll just be killing time until my lovely wife goes into labor.

Finally, in a bold move sure to shock the blogging community, I'm not tagging anyone with this meme.

That's it. No baby yet.

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