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Friday, March 23, 2007


So, after 13 days of fatherhood, I can definitely say that I'm an expert on the subject. In a lot of ways, it's just how I expected. But in many ways, I hadn't anticipated how this new addition to our casa would change things.

For example, I knew it was possible that Simon would pee while I was changing his diaper. I didn't expect the pee to get on me, nor did I expect him to pee on me every day, for 3 days in a row. C'est la vie.

I'm constantly amazed at how much that boy can eat. Pretty much every time he's crying, it's because he's hungry. Or at least, that's how it has been for the past 5 days or so. I know that babies' "habits" change almost daily during this time in their life, but still.

We've been calling him The Eaglet, because whenever he's hungry, he purses his lips and pokes his head around, like he's looking for a worm.

Every day, he cracks me up for different reasons. Like extremely loud flatulence, or like yesterday when he had a look of surprise on his face for at least 5 minutes.

Finally, despite all the setbacks of being in the hospital for basically 6 days, I finished my finals and got them all in on time. Now I'm waiting for my grades, and waiting for spring term, which will be my last term of full-time school. Unless, of course, I do something silly like try to get a master's degree. But that wouldn't be for a few years, probably. Anyway, the end of schooling is really appealing.

And now, onward with spring break!

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