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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Let's get Lost

Well, I don't think that I've ever blogged about Lost before. It's the only show that I watch on TV. Literally, the only show. I do watch other shows, like Deadwood and Curb Your Enthusiasm, but since I don't have HBO, I usually have to wait until they're on DVD or somehow on my hard drive before I can watch them.

So, the finale of Lost Season 3 was last night, and boy was it a doozy. Right off the bat, I want to say how proud I am that I called the "flash-forward" regarding Jack's storyline, which was posed as a traditional flashback throughout the episode. The clues were all there: we don't get to see whose body is at the funeral parlor; we don't know why people are calling Jack a "hero, twice over", plus there's that conspicuously 90's Nirvana song and the era-ambiguous wardrobe. And finally, Jack looking at the various Oceanic flight maps and such. So, I called it and there are witnesses: Flying Waitress, Kazu Googoo, Emtotheizo, I'm looking at you.

One great thing about watching Lost with a group (at least with this episode), is that afterwards, and even during commercials, there are so many mysteries and cliff-hangers to talk about that the theories just abound ceaselessly. My questions (and I know that few, if any, will be answered next season, if ever) are these:

1. Will Season 4 be filled with flash-forwards, instead of flashbacks? Probably not, since on the official Lost podcast, they said there would be a Rousseau flashback next season.
2. Who is on the boat? Just because it's not Penny's boat doesn't mean they're evil.
3. Who was in the casket? I'm guessing Sawyer, Locke, or Ben.
4. At the end of the episode, who is waiting for Kate? I'm guessing Sawyer or just some random husband.
5. What did Jack read that made him suicidal? I'm guessing it was about an island being nuked.
6. How did Walt age like 4 years in just a few island-weeks? I'm guessing we weren't supposed to notice his growth spurt or his deepened voice.
7. Why hasn't Richard aged at all, after 30 years on the island?
8. WTF is Jacob? A man? A ghost? An demon?
9. Who is the parachutist and why did she lie about where she came from?
10. Why is Locke such an a-hole? He didn't have to kill her to stop her from calling. Is he really so desperate to stay on the island? Sure, he can walk there, but he's totally missing American Idol.
11. WTF is up with the smoke monster? I bet this one never gets explained.

I've got about a zillion other questions, but those are the ones that spring to mind.
Any other good questions?

Finally, a few Lost links:
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Lost Spoilers - of course, I'm guessing this won't be of much use until next January or so

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