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Friday, August 17, 2007

Everyone wants to know what the next caper will be

I'm just saying let's enjoy this moment.

Unless the kindly British teacher decided to flunk me based on yesterday's thoroughly adquate presentation, I have finished my Bachelor's degree in English. So I'm ready for my job as a barista or driver or courier or something. Actually, I may have a few, um, things in the oven... no, wait, what's that metaphor? I have a few sticks in the fire? A few black pots on the kettle? A few horses being led? I can't remember. Anyhow, I'm hoping for a work opportunity that's actually tangentially related to my field of study.

I am regretfully unable to attend the graduation ceremony, due to a rock and roll gig in beautiful Bellingham, Washington. It's about 264 miles from my house. Roughly. But there will be a big graduation party in the future, coordinated with Lavalier and Widmer beer.

Finally, Simon is about this close to crawling. This close, I swear! He's quite strong and proud of himself. He's a good boy. We recently bought him a banana wheel, which, for you non-parents of babies out there, is something like the water wheel, only it's made out of bananas, for quick banana dispensing. Ok, we didn't really buy it for him, it's just an idea I'm working on. The details are a little fuzzy, and I can't decide whether it should distribute bananas, be made out of bananas, or both. I'm hoping I can patent it and turn it into one of those essential baby items, like a $500 car seat, the endangered alligator skin diaper bag, and electric/hybrid stroller with shocks.


moz said...

great ideas, now if only he liked bananas

Tim said...

Apologies- this comment is not related to this blog post. It is related to Sloop's post at:

Holy schnikes! Yep, that's me. Really good to hear from you. Drop me a line, bucko, and we can converse without the constraints of the blogging mechanisms. My e-mail (in spam avoidance speak) is: my-first-name(short form)[at]my-last-name[dot]org