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Thursday, September 06, 2007

My Stress Level

Now that I'm done with educating up myself, I have time for stupid internet games and such. One of the funniest thing I've come across is a Hello Kitty Stress Test. I think it's for reals, but I'm not entirely sure. Here is the result of my stress test, verbatim:

You have a fair stress level.

One of the reasons for this is your conscious awareness to release your stress before letting it get worst.

However when you come across many troubles at the same time, you might unable to handle it. There comes the problem. For this type you better enjoy the green and wood.

As long as you are in the natural environment, you will be peaceful to resolve any problems.

And I tend to agree with this analysis. I will be peaceful to resolve any problems as long as I'm in the natural environment. That's probably why I enjoyed working at summer camp so much as a teen: I was in the natural environment. I was totally peaceful to resolve any problems.

Now, I better go enjoy the green and the wood, like Hello Kitty told me to. However, I seem to be stuck in this cubicle-ridden wasteland of fluorescent lights and BO.

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