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Friday, September 14, 2007

Oden and Simon

Having recently finished lunching with Marisa and Simon, let me say that Simon pretty much makes me happier than anything in the world. His mere presence makes me gleeful. Then when he starts looking around and smiling and laughing at things, oh man, I like to fall out.

Secondly, I can't help but think it's hilarious that the Blazers' Greg Oden won't be playing with them this season, due to his recuperation. Freaking hilarious. So many people around here flipped the eff out when the Blazers got Oden in the draft, it was like Beatlemania for a while. He was on the cover of pretty much all the newspapers for a while, and it got to be rather annoying to hear all about people's hopes for Portland to be the center of the sports world for a little while.

This is yet another reason why I have virtually no interest in professional sports. There's so much hype so often and then something like Oden's surgery happens and deflates everyone. Fantasy football. Super Bowl hype. World Series hype. Player's salaries. Ratings. Commercials. Endorsements. It all strikes me as utterly trivial and an useless way for the public to spend time and dollars. I'm not ashamed to say it - since about age 13, I've had no interest in watching sports. Playing sports, maybe, but watching pro athletes and thinking about their stats has always seemed like a tremendous waste of energy, both in time and money. In high school, there were posters around the campus which read "Get high on sports, not drugs!" These never made any sense to me, whatsoever. At least when I play video games, I can think that I'm working on hand-eye coordination.

With pro sports, it's hard to watch and not think about how filthy rich these bastards are and how, chances are, I'll never have that kind of money, regardless of my talent and education and regardless of how I might benefit society. It's that whole thing about how teachers are one of the most valuable people in society, yet they make a terribly disproportionate salary.

To those of you who feel crestfallen by Oden's withdrawal, think about this: there's always going to be another season and another batch of athletes to get excited about. Always. So when you put all this emotional and mental investment into something as trivial as pro sports, I would like to just say "Go read a book." Great authors like Richard Ford continue to write and be read, regardless of the author's injury or recuperation time.

Finally, in a totally unrelated Google search, the phrase "pro sports are a waste of time" only yielded 3 results. For shame, internet, for shame. Not that I won't watch at least part of the World Series this year; I'll just do it with the knowledge that I could be doing something much more productive. Like playing Bioshock.

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Tim said...

While this may not overcome your apparent total lack of interest in watching sports, I'll direct your attention to the Portland Winter Hawks. The Hawks are a junior hockey club, comprised of young men who wish to someday become the overpaid rat bastards you talked about. The focus of their game is always on fundamentals, showboating isn't allowed (and generally doesn't happen in hockey). I've really enjoyed being a Winter Hawks fan (and remain one even though I live in Seattle). You can get seats for as cheap as $10. Pre-season starts soon.

Otherwise I agree with your rant on professional sports. Don't get me started on the bullsh.. that the Sonics' new owners have been giving the city.