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Thursday, September 06, 2007

The Summer `07 Survey

DEFINING MOMENT OF SUMMER `07: Finishing college. The "moment," I suppose, was giving a speech to my Oregon writers class, which was the last bit of schoolwork.

BEST PURCHASE OF SUMMER `07: Xbox 360 or maybe my 24" Istanbul ride cymbal. I don't know. This was a rather lean summer.

BEST BOOK YOU READ DURING SUMMER `07: The Sky Fisherman by Craig Lesley. I first read it 9 years ago, during the first term of my college career, so it seems rather fitting that I'd read it again for a class during my final term of school. A great book, too, about a teenage boy in a small town whose uncle is a local celebrity, and then there are some mysterious deaths and some bildungsroman.

BEST MOVIE YOU SAW DURING SUMMER `07: Zodiac. Or maybe The Departed. I cannot get over how effing good The Departed is. Theatrically? Maybe Knocked Up, which I saw twice. Definitely not any of the trilogy-ending flicks, like Spiderman, Pirates, or Oceans. And big-time not Transformers. How come I'm such a sucker for big-budget crap-fests?

BEST GIFT YOU RECEIVED IN SUMMER `07: Graduation $$ from my favorite parents.

BIGGEST LOSS OF SUMMER `07: I lost out on getting a vacation since this was definitely the poorest summer Moz and I have had yet, cash-wise.

SONG THAT SUMS UP SUMMER `07: Based on repeated listens alone, I'd say "45" by Elvis Costello. Plus it's a song about growing older, I think, which I relate to graduation and fatherhood. According to this site 45 is: "a song he wrote for his 45th birthday. It begins with Armistice day in 1945, the beginning of his generation and goes through the 45rpm records he bought as a child, to splitting up those same records in a divorce and finally his own 45th birthday. He addresses rock and roll of course, as part of the definition of his generation (and manages to poke fun both his youthful and current self)." Or maybe the Sm'umpkins "Doomsday Clock" which totally rocks and could equally be about getting older. I listened to that one a lot to, but for the sheer quality of its intensity rather than its attributes as a great song. "45" is a great song, with a fantastic melody, good dynamics, et al.

HAPPIEST MEMORY OF SUMMER `07: Probably all the nighttime fires in the backyard, sipping on White Russians or Rum & Cokes.

SADDEST MEMORY OF SUMMER `07: Nothing really tragic happened, so perhaps I'll say that as Moz and I watched Simon go from newborn to infant to learning to crawl and outgrow a bunch of clothes, I was reminded on a regular basis that a) we're in this for the long haul, and b) in probably 20 years or so Simon will have to move out and won't be under our constant loving supervision. I realize this is nothing new, but it still breaks my heart just a little.

SCARIEST MEMORY OF SUMMER `07: The realization that we were effing broke.

WORD THAT BEST DESCRIBES SUMMER `07: Flux. That is, a change in jobs, education, and responsibilities for Moz and I.

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