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Thursday, October 11, 2007

A Typical Day

Here is a chart from the US Department of Labor depicting how most people spend their leisure time:

Here's a brief rundown of what my days have been like lately:
5:45 Alarm goes off. Snooze for 18 minutes.
6:03 Grab random clothes in the dark so I don't disturb the sleeping wife and baby.
6:05 Shower, Dress, etc.
6:25 Grab something edible to take in the truck.
6:27 Hit the road.
6:42-7:05 arrive at work. Time varies wildly due to traffic on the 2 freeways I take.
7:00-4:00 work at the office. It's not hard work, but Lord, it ain't fun.
4:20-4:45 arrive at home.
4:45-8:30 watch the baby, feed him dinner, change his diapers, crawl around with him. Try to grab some food for myself in this time as well.
8:30-9:30 try to get the baby to sleep.
9:30-10:15 have a drink and try to watch 1/2 an episode of the Sopranos before falling asleep on the couch.

Granted, not every day is like this, with virtually no free time. But there are some when the days are this packed, which makes me think about things. Will it always be like this? Why do I have all this stuff? Etc.

In other news, the new Radiohead album doesn't disappoint.


moz said...

stuff?? nice.

Sloop said...

By "stuff," I mean tvs, video games, toys, dvds, all the consumer products I've acquired which seem to be rendered worthless when used as infrequently as they are. Also, did I just get this stuff because I was bored, or did I actually plan to spend a lot of time with this stuff. There's also the whole "Amusing Ourselves to Death" argument wherein Postman says that television is the primary means of communication for our culture and it has the property of converting conversations into entertainment so much so that public discourse (and much thought) on important issues has disappeared.

Sloop said...

So my point is, why do I even have a TV. It's one of the biggest time-wasting things I have. Wouldn't I be better off (and more well-read) without a TV in the house. Wouldn't Simon be somehow smarter, in the long run, without TV.

Erik said...

+ on the radiohead.

think of it not as a television, but as a monitor for your dvd player.