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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Thanksgiving Week Wrap Up

Well, I've had a cold for the past week, a resurgent effort which had been squelched a week before that. Basically, I've had a cold for almost half of the month, which is totally awesome. It really puts me in the Xmas spirit. Also, Simon has sprouted a second tooth on the bottom half of his mouth. I've been calling him Chomper. His 2 main front teeth are poised to pop out any day now. That'll be good.

In other news, Thanksgiving dinner was a success. My parents and brother all went over to Moz's parents house, with all her sisters and their husbands and grandpa. We watched "White Christmas", as we do most Thanksgivings. This year's viewing was the best, though, since we had some festive drinks while watching it, and the girls did their best to sing along with the movie. My sister-in-law's husband (who had never seen it before) said that he could imagine someone liking it "if they were 6." That earned him some growls and scowls from around the room.

Friday night, I went with Kazugoogoo and his brother to see Menomena at the Crystal Ballroom. We got there in time to watch Shaky Hands, from the bar area. They were terrible. Bad singing, out of tune guitars, totally sloppy musicians. It wasn't good.

We went to the all-age area and got a lot closer to the stage when Menomena played. They were pretty good, but seemed tired and a little loose. I've seen them 3 times this year; this was the first time I've seen them without their choir since about a year ago at the Doug Fir. I figured out that I've probably seen Menomena more times in concert than any other band, ever. So, I think I'm a fairly good judge of when they are having an off night. Friday was an off night. Not terrible, just not up to par. And that's ok. They have great songs, great arrangements, and play with a lot of enthusiasm and warmth on stage. I was pleasantly shocked at how full the venue was, too, especially for being $12 advance or $15 at the door. According to McMenamin's, "The venue's capacity is 1500". So there was easily 1000 people there. Maybe more like 1300. I was proud of those guys for making it to such a level of success and slightly jealous of both their success and their creative freedom. Anyway, in the above photo, I'm somewhere on the leftish side, with a stoned hipster standing in front of me, blowing pot in the faces of the poor people all around.

Update: This week also marks the official end of infatuation with Heroes. I watched the whole first season in about 10 days, so that was nice and cheezy, but still fun. This season seems really inferior to the first, and I fell asleep during Mondays episode. On Tuesday, I found I really didn't care if I watched it or not. You can only use the phrase "save the world" so many times before it loses its power and drama. Here's hoping they do better whenever season 2.5 or 3 starts up.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Wednesday Survey.

Tell me about yourself, please.

01. What is your ultimate pet hate?
02. What is the most beautiful accent in the world?
03. If you could choose one city to live in for the rest of your life, which city would it be?
04. Who is your favourite film director and why?
05. How much do you swear?

My answers will be posted later.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Indiana "Han Solo" Jones is Deckard! or "Get off my plane, replicant!"

A few weeks ago KZGG, his brother Stephen and I went to Cinema 21 to see the new, suped-up version of Blade Runner. The movie was cool; the brothers took turns sleeping through it. I shared my coconut vodka; a good time was had. The movie was enjoying a brief theatrical run before its imminent release (in many different packaging and bundling options)on dvd.

What I found quite interesting about the experience was the marketing people there, handing out surveys to everyone. Here are the most interesting items that they wanted to know:

2. Age [with 4 year ranges]
4. Level of Education
6. Which of the following were important to you in deciding to see [this film]
[Here were 29 different options, ranging from "I'm a fan of Joanna Cassidy" to "It is action-packed". "I brought a flask of cheap vodka" was, sadly, not an option.]
11. Would you recommend this movie to your friends? [5 options here - the division between "Yes" and "No" is vast and murky]
12. To whom would you recommend this movie? [M/F & Age are the only options. This presupposes that if you know one 45 year old female who would like it, then all 45 year old females you know would like it.]
15. Below is a list of words and phrases that might be used to describe various films. Please "X" as many words and phrases as you feel apply to Blade Runner: The Final Cut. [40 different words and phrases, ranging from "Too weird/strange" to "Has interesting settings" to "A must see version of Blade Runner". "Han Solo," "Mr. President," and "It's Indiana Jones in the future!" were not options.]
16. Please tell us the scenes you liked most. Please be as specific as possible. [Why do they want to know which scenes? Is this for creating the tv commercials, they'll know which parts to include?]
21. What are you most likely to do when Blade Runner: The Final Cut is released on DVD? [8 options here, but none of them were "Make an eggnog latte in celebration."]

For those of you including me on your Christmas lists this year, I would love this Five-Disc Ultimate Collector's Edition.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Tips to spice up your love life

1. Fart into a tupperware
2. Put the lid on it
3. Chase your beloved around the house with that tupperware.
4. Those are all the tips I can think of.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Quote of the Day

"He uses the booger vacuum like it's a maraca."

Feel free to use this quote to spice up your own conversations.