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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Indiana "Han Solo" Jones is Deckard! or "Get off my plane, replicant!"

A few weeks ago KZGG, his brother Stephen and I went to Cinema 21 to see the new, suped-up version of Blade Runner. The movie was cool; the brothers took turns sleeping through it. I shared my coconut vodka; a good time was had. The movie was enjoying a brief theatrical run before its imminent release (in many different packaging and bundling options)on dvd.

What I found quite interesting about the experience was the marketing people there, handing out surveys to everyone. Here are the most interesting items that they wanted to know:

2. Age [with 4 year ranges]
4. Level of Education
6. Which of the following were important to you in deciding to see [this film]
[Here were 29 different options, ranging from "I'm a fan of Joanna Cassidy" to "It is action-packed". "I brought a flask of cheap vodka" was, sadly, not an option.]
11. Would you recommend this movie to your friends? [5 options here - the division between "Yes" and "No" is vast and murky]
12. To whom would you recommend this movie? [M/F & Age are the only options. This presupposes that if you know one 45 year old female who would like it, then all 45 year old females you know would like it.]
15. Below is a list of words and phrases that might be used to describe various films. Please "X" as many words and phrases as you feel apply to Blade Runner: The Final Cut. [40 different words and phrases, ranging from "Too weird/strange" to "Has interesting settings" to "A must see version of Blade Runner". "Han Solo," "Mr. President," and "It's Indiana Jones in the future!" were not options.]
16. Please tell us the scenes you liked most. Please be as specific as possible. [Why do they want to know which scenes? Is this for creating the tv commercials, they'll know which parts to include?]
21. What are you most likely to do when Blade Runner: The Final Cut is released on DVD? [8 options here, but none of them were "Make an eggnog latte in celebration."]

For those of you including me on your Christmas lists this year, I would love this Five-Disc Ultimate Collector's Edition.

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