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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

On aging

"We all wake up and we go 'Oh, I ache, I'm not 18 any more, you know, I'm thirty ni- you know, I'm in my thirties, I'm not-', but so what, at least I've got my health. And if you haven't got your health-if you've got one leg, at least I haven't got two legs missing. And if you have lost both legs and both arms, just go 'at least I'm not dead!' I'd rather be dead in that situation, to be honest. I'm not saying people like that should know, put down. I'm saying that, in my life, I'd rather not live without arms and legs because...I'm just getting into yoga, for one thing. So..."
- David Brent

Today is the last day I can honestly say that I'm in my twenties. Sigh. Does it need to be a miserable day? No; I look at kids (I can call them that now) who are 20, and I think "Man, they're young & dumb. I'm glad to be past that stage in life." So, there you go. I'm really trying hard to enjoy and embrace my onsetting fourth decade. Did you know Canada and France have a lifespan that's 5 years longer than the US lifespan? I need to move.

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