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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Mexican Food, Biscuits, and Fugazi, of course

Has anyone visited that new Mexican place by Bipartisan Cafe & The Academy Theater? I think it's called Rojo's Latin Quarter or maybe Romo's or something. I remember the font on the sign more than the words comprised in the font. It was a bad font. Not papyrus, but something else distractingly bad, for sure.

On a similar note, when will the Pine State Biscuits restaurant open? Moz and I used to get their sandwiches at the PSU farmer's market, but I think that market is closed for the winter. Their restaurant is supposed to open this winter, so since there's only a few weeks left, I'm guessing it's soon. Then again, if I go back to a low-carb dealy, then biscuits will be (again) strictly for the birds. Literally. And figuratively.

Finally, I have to silently curse something (God? The Devil? U2? Myself?) for not "discovering" Fugazi until after I turned 30. WTF self? Why are you so nonsensical sometimes?

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A said...

pine state is open now! just to let you know, they soft opened this week.

and yes, the font on that sign is bad. food looks pricey too - what is up with the $11 burritos in this town?