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Saturday, March 15, 2008

The Aughties

Is anyone else in futureshock besides me? I just realized that I'm not really comfortable with the fact that we have to call this year "2008". I'm no Luddite; I mean, I embrace technology and science and all that. But I still have a hard time saying "oh, such-and-such, yeah, they were big in the 90's." Then I realize that most of the 90's took place over a decade ago. Plus, it seems that we have yet to agree on a name for this decade. I like to call it "The Aughties", but it hasn't caught on. Finally, it struck me this week that I vividly recall the "Mondale/Ferraro" ticket from the 80's, and how weird it is that that was 24 years ago. How many forgotten presidential bids are stuck in my brain somewhere? I remember Jesse Jackson did a parade down the street near my grade school during his campaign and how somebody (mom, dad, a friend?) told me that he wanted to make America like Communist Russia. So I was scared out of my mind when Reverend Jackson and his supporters paraded down NE Alberta way back when.

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