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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

It was one year ago today

Well, it was one year ago today that Simon emerged from hiding, saw his shadow, but decided to stay out and keep us company anyway. It's pretty amazing to think about how much he's grown and changed in his first year.

If you were look at me and my knowledge and abilities of a year ago, then look at me today, I'm basically the same person. I look about the same; I don't think I've learned any new skills whatsoever. I offer the world pretty much the everything I could have offered it a year ago.

But take a look at Simon. A year ago, moments after he was born, my first impression was that he was like a pile of noodles. Granted, he was a pile of noodles that I would gladly stop a bullet for, but he was just all limp and floppy and needed someone else to do everything for him.

Amazingly (although I know this is how it normally happens), he has learned to crawl, walk (with a little help), and take food from the plate into his own mouth to eat. He will call out "Mama", "Dada", "Lolololo" (an approximation of the name of our dog (Lola), "Up", and "Hi". Plus, he loves to listen to music and dance, read through books with us, and carry around an old picture he found of his mother & I. He's got
tons of personality and every day I'm amazed at how much he's grown, how much he will grow, and how much I love him today.

For his first birthday, I'm kind of glad he won't remember it, because I'd hate for him to know that Mommy & Daddy can't really afford much this year. I'm sure it's just a temporary lull in our checking account, but for the past three weeks, we've had to pinch pennies in a way we've never had to before. Not to get too weepy, but we actually had to cash in the penny jar the other day, and it actually made a huge difference to us. So, we won't be going to Sasquatch this year. Nor any other thing which costs money. At least in the foreseeable future. Moz has a new job on the horizon, so pretty soon we'll be back to our life of Riley lifestyle. But today, I'm eating frozen chicken wings and President's Choice Cola for lunch.

The photos at the top of the post were taken about 364 days apart. And since I love looking at my boy, I'll post one more, from about 11 months ago:

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