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Monday, September 15, 2008

Hot Portland Podcast Action!

So, my friend Erik (Lavalier) agreed to let me sit in with him to start co-hosting his podcast, Lavalier. I think next time I may drink a latte instead of a beer and cocktail when we record, just to take it up a notch on the excitement meter.

I believe Erik put it best when he wrote:

We made it to the second episode! Now with 2x the hosting power... Peter Swenson pulls up a mic, and will be co-hosting from now on.


I forgot to bleep Peter's potty mouth so be forewarned about upcoming crassness. Put the kids to bed, folks! We are covering: stolen radio towers, movies from the 70s, serving coffee in bikinis, the best damn bridges in Portland, and all things non-sequitur.

The bumper music features these fine Portland artists...
The Morals, Dirty Mittens, Justin Bennett, Drats!!!, & Transient
Thanks for submitting! Clicky clicky to get all myspacey with them.


To subscribe via itunes, open itunes, go to the "advanced" menu, pull down to "subscribe to podcast..." cut/paste this URL...

you are subscribed!

If you have already subscribed, itunes should download 002 automatically the next time you start up

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