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Friday, October 24, 2008

A Real Website for my podcast

Yep, that's a picture of Simon, on his throne of toilet paper, during our trip to Costco the other night. Of course, with all those truffles and beer, we'll need huge amounts of toilet paper.

Anyway, the headline and the story. Just go click on this and you'll see the website in its infancy. Coming soon will be an official logo, crap loads of links, etc. But for now, you can go there and stuff.

In other news, I had fun playing with Chris Robley & his marvelous band The Fear of Heights at Holocene last night. It was my first Portland rock show since last January's disastrous finale for ye olde band. But that, I believe, is water under the bridge.

I'll be on tour with Chris Robley and the Fear of Heights (CRATFOH) for 11 days in November, going to San Diego and back. Should be fun, and I hope to visit 2 of my best buddies (Feaverish and LoHarp) while I'm down there.

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Gretaseacat said...

woo yeah!
too bad nobody told me you were playing or i might have gone to see you... hear you? whatevs!