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Saturday, November 08, 2008


As I'm on tour, filling the drum chair for John Stewart, playing with Chris Robley and the Fear of Heights, I thought it might be nice to do a little tour blog. This is my half of a [slightly edited] chat with Benjy, which I thought might serve double duty as both a chat and a blog. Here are the dirty details of life in a rock band on the road:

me: are you there now? I had to restart my lappy.

me: ok cool. Touring is fine, It's only been one LONG day and one night. We're at a house in Molesto now. It was like an 11 hour drive down yesterday, but the van is really spacious and comfortable, it's a 13 seater.

me: nah he rented it for the tour. It's not too bad for a 12 day thing.

me: yep, to a very receptive crowd at a little cafe/bar all ages places on the main drag in downtown Modesto, home of George Lucas.

me: we crashed at the soundman's house, as he's a friend of Chris'. It's a huge McMansion in what used to be the rich part of Modesto. But the lappy thing does work on the road, too. I got that ATT USB Mercury thing and worked in the van for a good 2 hours yesterday.

me: yeah, so far so good. we only have 1 hour to drive today, so it's basically a day off, so that's nice. Tomorrow it's ~5 hours down to San Diego, but then I'm going to stay with my friend Lonny for 2 days.

me: I haven't seen him since he was in Portland a year ago... He came to our last Towne Lounge show.

me: Yeah, the 3 of us hope to get together on Wednesday.

me: no that was Ben K., my old next door neighbor. I went to grade school with Lonny and worked at TCBC with him and Feaver.

me: yep. i hope it works out. Anyway, 2 days off with Lonny will be fun... Maybe we'll go to Disneyland, I dunno.

me: oh Lord. yeah. dang.

me: well, i don't even know if I'll go. It could be too much of a wear out.

me: cool. i'm hoping it's all decorated for Xmas, like the Haunted Mansion is all Nightmare before Xmasy.

me: yeah, it's like, if you stay for 12 hours, you really get your money's worth.

me: haha. yeah, totally. i guess on Robley's last tour it was like LA, Vegas, San Francisco, etc. a whole buncha 10 hour drives, so he knew that was no good.
oh wait, there's also a San Diego show between Merced and LA. So, 7 shows, plus a day of busking.

me: aha ok. i'm starving.

me: sweet! that's probably more than I'll make on the whole tour.

me: he promised he would, he's just still asleep.

me: haha. My brother gave me $100 as a gift for the tour, so i can spend that on the tour.

me: yeah, i think so. he's a nice guy. anyway, i'll let you go setup your bass.

me: ciao!

Well, that's my tour update. I hope to find time to do more later.

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