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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Tour Blog #2

Tour updates: Saturday night show in Merced, Sunday show in San Diego. I then spent the next 2 days with my old friend Lonny and his family, which includes 3 hilarious daughters, ages 6, 3.75, and 1.5. We went to Disneyland on Monday, and by "we" I mean Lonny and I, not the kids, which might seem a little mean, but I don't think they would have liked the rides we wanted to go on, like the teacups and the flying Dumbo ride, and Toon Town. I mean, kids don't like those things, do they? And the Tiki room was pretty intense.

Tuesday night we played a dive in LA called the Silverlake Lounge. The sound was pretty good, the crowd was small but appreciative, and afterword, I had burritos with Lonny and his brother, who lives in LA. Yesterday we did a "live in the studio" recording/performance dealy for a website. The dude who recorded us did an album with Norah Jones singing for him and has apparently played with some other quite famous folks. He was super nice and it was a fun time. Last night, I went to a diner with Feaver, whom I haven't seen in 2 years, but since we chat all the time, it wasn't like, "OMG! You're so different now! LOL!". Instead, it was more like, "PWNED!".

Today, we leave the amazing house we've been staying at (and it is amazing), and drive up to Fresno, to play at some sort of Japanese restaurant/rock venue.

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