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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Rock for Christmastime

Well, it's not really for Christmas as much as it is just coinciding with the Christmas season. Coupla things:

1) I'll be playing drums & percussion alongside John Stewart for Chris Robley & The Fear of Heights CD release show at Someday Lounge this Friday night. It will be a rocking good time, because sometimes 1 drumset just isn't enough. The other bands are Tango Alpha Tango (featuring 2 of the dudes formerly of The Carolines) and James Low.

2) My band Hello Morning just finished a rough mix of the first song from our recent round of demo recording. You can listen to it and be our myspace friend here.

3) Hello Morning will be playing a rocking house show in North Portland on Monday the 8th, and a totally rocktastic set on Saturday the 13th at the Ash St. Saloon. That day happens to be my birthday, after which I can say I'm in my early 30s, not just 30. My Amazon wish list is on top of the links on the right. Show details can be found here or here.

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