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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Spring Tour Blog

Here's a brief summary of the Robley tour thus far:

Things are going pretty well, I'm able to keep current on my workload, which was one of my big concerns. The Sprinter van is pretty awesome - very spacious & the built-in wifi is a godsend. It was a bit of a problem finding parking in San Francisco, but we eventually found some street parking.

Yesterday, we went to the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum in San Jose. It was creepy and awesome and certain items in the gift store were available only to members of the mysterious order itself. We then saw a fairly shoddy slide show with narration in the planetarium that felt like an indoctrination video, but ending up being some vaguely edutainment about an old Greek cult who like astronomical whatnot.

Right now, the 6 of us bandmembers are in our hotel room in Merced watching Seinfeld. We were here last night & did laundry today, playing a show tonight, then driving the 6-8 hours down to San Diego tomorrow afternoon. We've passed a lot of time & gotten excercise by playing catch with a little inflatable rubber ball we bought at a drug store. Anyway, things are good & we're having fun. I had a video chat with Marisa & Simon earlier today & it was nice to see them & talk to them, though obviously not like being there in person.